Welcome to Draig Photography & WorkingTails Productions

Both through work and pleasure I have travelled the world, from Europe to the America's, the Caribbean and Africa to name but some.
I have been a Professional Diver and Mini-Sub pilot. I have also worked for the BBC.

I specialise in the area of Portrait/Lifestyle and Documentary/Reportage.

I also shoot film and use Professional cameras, recording devices, audio equipment and a Freefly Movi Gimbal system. I can produce, direct, edit and output to your individual needs. This is through my new production company, "WorkingTails Productions".


I teach photography courses, both individually tailored and also at HE level.

I have been published both in the USA and Europe.
As every client is unique, I provide a Custom service and price per request/contract.

Commercial Photography Honours Degree 

Commercial Photography Master's Degree