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Welcome to Draig Photography & WorkingTails Productions

Both through work and pleasure I have travelled the world, from Europe to the America's, the Caribbean, Australasia and Africa to name but some.
I have been a Professional Diver and Mini-Sub pilot. I have also worked with the BBC.

I have many years experience in different genres and have globally recognised professional qualifications

From professional lighting and posing, to natural light reportage style work, every project is carefully crafted, researched, shot and delivered.

I also shoot video. Many clients require moving image to accompany stills and I now offer this medium also. This is through my new production company, "WorkingTails Productions".

When circumstances allow I also teach photography courses, both individually tailored and also at HE level.

Along with my passion for photography, I have a lifelong passion for our four legged canine friends. I have begun to explore our unique relationship with my WorkingTails project, but I also specialise in Canine photography, be it portraiture, working, play or K9 sports. 

I have been published both in the USA and Europe.

As every client is unique, I provide a Custom service and price per request/contract.

Commercial Photography Honours Degree 

Commercial Photography Master's Degree